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Why you need to charge correctly so you can make that all important profit

If you are not making money there is no point working hard to run a business. You may as well work for someone else. You need to make money to cover your bills, pay yourself and make some profit so your business grows and is sustainable

So where do we start, You need to be brave, put on those big girl pants and charge your worth, this can be difficult because you may have that dreaded imposter syndrome telling you no one will pay, or you’re not good enough, or that you have too much competition but that’s rubbish because people will and do pay. They will pay what you charge but you must believe in yourself and sell with confidence and own it.

People will be confident with your prices if you are confident with your prices, if you offer a price and then reduce it you are showing your customers  that you didn’t think it was worth that price to start with to start with.

You are doubting your worth, you are doubting your business and you are doubting yourself and this is not what you are about. You have a business regardless of where that is now, it may be new, it may be that you are launching or it may be that you are growing but you have a business so own it

Remember you are a business owner, a business owner that is going to be successful and you are going to make this work

You have to believe in yourself and you have to believe in your prices, if you know your ideal client ,and you will have different ideal clients for each arm of your business you will be able to market to them and they will pay you what you charge.

If you have your brand aligned, your copy and voice aligned, your website aligned, and your social media aligned you will get out to your ideal client

This is no longer a hobby, it is a business but if people think you are a hobbyist, or that you are not serious  or  if you are in the mindset that it is a hobby you will be paid as a hobby and you don’t get paid for a hobby.

If you are in the mindset that you are running a successful business, you will be paid for a successful business.

Mindset is such a powerful thing and you must continually work on that! Believe in yourself and believe you are a business and believe you can do this.