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Ideal Client Blog: Marketing

How can I get customers to buy my flowers?

Delicate posies. Intricate bouquets. Your flowers are AMAZING.

But the business side? Does that come quite as naturally?

How can I grow my floristry business?

The truth is that to build a successful floristry business – that provides everything for your family, and serving clients you love to work with – a passion for flowers just isn’t enough and you have to get good at the business stuff too!
So, I want to ask you this?

Do you have an ideal client? Or are you selling to everyone that wants to buy flowers in some shape or form? Do you think that It does not really matter who you are selling too, or they want because they are buying, right?


To have a successful business you need to know your ideal client and market to them!
This is the most important piece of advice I ever received in business: you cannot be everything to everybody.
Work out your niche and who you are talking to.
What is your message? This alone can change your whole business round and get you unstuck. It helps with everything – no more spraying and praying with your marketing! You will have clarity around your business and what you offer, your message

What do you want your business to be known for?

Once you have really discovered and understood your ideal client you can use them to make sure your branding fits.
Does your branding and website speak only to your ideal client? Does it resonate with them? Can they really know, like and trust you by everything they see about you?

Is your message completely consistent across all platforms?

From now on, everything you do is for your ideal client and them alone.
These are the people that are going to be buying from you, booking you to do there wedding flowers, or funeral tributes.
From now on your ideal client will be at the forefront of your mind, they are the people that are important here.
It does not matter if your mum likes your website and Facebook page, or your friend or Nellie next door. They are not your ideal client.

Your ideal client will find you, follow you and buy from you if they like what they see!

From now on you do not need to worry about numbers of followers, it is not about likes, it is not about random people telling you what you do is lovely, its only important if they are going to buy from you! You could have 1000 followers, and no one buy, so do not chase numbers unless they are going to buy.

If you are putting out offers for followers, think is it worth it, you could gain 1000 followers on your Facebook page but never have a sale.

Why is it so important?

If you do not know this information your business will not go anywhere you will be marketing to everyone and, that is not possible. You will have no structure, no strategy, and no clients. How can you market successfully if you do not know who to market too? not everyone is your ideal client. If you try to market to everyone you will be spraying and praying, spraying your name and services around, and praying someone notices you

It is SO important to work out who you want to work with. If you do not do this you will not know what your message is, who you are marketing to, and you will weaken your services and devalue your brand.
From now on everything you do for your business should be with your ideal client in mind.
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