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Do You Have a Growth Mindset?

Having the right mindset for business is essential if you want to succeed, It is a very well-known fact that if anyone wants to succeed in life and business, they must believe in themselves.    and you do want to succeed as a business owner otherwise you would not be here.  

We don’t start a business because we are setting ourselves up to fail and yes it can have its challenges but of course we set it up with the intention of succeeding.    

Mindset is such a powerful thing and you must think about your business as a business from the start!  

If you treat your business as a business you will have a success mindset but if you think small business, think hobbyist and you are doing yourself down. You do not get paid as a hobby so think like a CEO. Like a successful business owner from the start. 

I want to ask you some questions and I want you to be honest about your answers.  

Do you feel like a business owner?  

Do you feel like a successful business owner?  

Are you paying yourself?  

If you have a business have you moved it forward over the past year?  

If the answer to these questions is no, then why not?  

If you are yet to start your business, is something holding you back?  

You must believe you can do this, and why can’t you? You are no different to anyone else that is successful other than they are confident in themselves and believe they can have a successful business.  

What does success look like for you? This is different for everyone so think about what it means for you. And it’s not all about the money 

Working the hours, you want, doing something that makes you happy. Being your own boss 

Whatever they are they are your goals and you should believe you can achieve them 

Being a business owner is tough especially  if you are new to business and not sure what direction to go in , but it is tough anyway, as a lone worker, or a career changer especially if you are doubting yourself.  

You need to be confident in your ability to do your job, but you also need to have confidence in yourself and this is what we usually struggle with.  

We all suffer with confidence issues and those who say otherwise are probably lying.  

But why are we not confident and what is stopping us being successful?  

You started your business because there was something in floristry that grabbed you, you have learnt the skills or learning the skills and it doesn’t matter if you are college trained, bench trained or self-taught, you still have the talent you need to succeed.  

Sometimes we are not confident because we allow the emotions to rule the situation 

What if I cannot do it 

What if something goes wrong  

But take the emotion out and you have the facts and you look at the situation differently.  

Overcoming fear takes practice but once you realise its ok to take risks it becomes easier, if it goes wrong what is the worst that can happen? this is not life or death  

Negativity and negative thoughts have a huge impact on our mindset, and you need to stop these 

We cannot use excuses, who used Covid as an excuse for a poor year, or the reason your business did not grow, or the reason you have not yet launched? 

What other excuses do we use?  

Nobody is buying or nobody will pay in me are 

Too much competition  

So, let us think about these  

They are excuses, people are buying, people are buying in your area and you do not need to worry about competition.  

If people are not buying from you then something else is wrong. Maybe you need to work on your ideal client? If you know who they are, what they are looking for, where they are looking, and you are marketing to them they will buy.